New branding & website under Design Vic Business Immersion program

Last year Ingeneus was accepted into the prestigious Design Victoria Business Immersions program. This exciting initiative provides funding and facilitation support to eligible businesses to engage a designer and address identified business challenges.

Ingeneus offers a unique service to medical technology companies. By taking part in the program with a professional designer and branding expert, we have been able to develop and refine a complicated offering into straight forward key messages and branding.

The rollout of the new strategy and brand has begun with the launch of our new website and a successful targeted campaign to inform the market of our key capabilities and offerings.

Business Immersions exemplify how design best-practice is used to create innovative and profitable products and services to improve competitiveness, export performance and drive business growth.

“As is the case with many projects, the development and evolution of design elements can lead to a broad range of ideas and unexpected challenges,” comments Gary Haywood from Design Victoria. “By maintaining focus on the objectives and maintaining open communication between the client and designer, the project has arrived at outcomes which provide the business with every opportunity for success in its objectives.”