V-Patch Medical Systems: reaching the hearts of the travelling public

16th December 2011

Ingeneus client V-Patch has featured prominently in the December issue of the Qantas Way in-flight magazine.

Included within the “bright ideas” section of the magazine, V-Patch exemplifies the next generation of wireless ECG telemetry via a non-invasive, wireless vital signs monitoring system. V-Patch’s state-of-the-art technology excels at long and short term monitoring in diverse fields as cardiac diagnosis, clinical drug trials, cardiac rehabilitation, weight management, post operative surveillance, sports medicine and emergency medicine.

The cleverness of the device stems from the “on-board” real-time analysis of each heart beat for abnormal beats. The clinician can select for the identification of 10 specific rhythms, 9 of which account for the majority of transient cardiac events that require treatment. These arrhythmias can be selected individually or collectively, remotely and at any time by the treating physician. When events are detected they are identified, captured and transmitted to the clinician immediately.

Ingeneus congratulates V-Patch on its most recent accolade and anticipates future stories of success stemming from the innovative activities of Ingeneus’ medical device technology clients.

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1 - V-Patch Medical Systems: reaching the hearts of the travelling public