Patents issued in the US and China for eyeTelehealth products

Ingeneus CEO, Richard Walmsley is pleased to announce that Ingeneus has been issued Patents for two of the products included in its eyeTelehealth Platform. "Ingeneus has been issued with a US Patent for the eyeConnect device in the US and a Chinese Patent for the eyePressure device in China", he said.

"Patents are only issued on the basis of novelty. This is great acknowledgement that the products are novel, new technology and are first of their kind in the market", Mr Walmsley said.

"This is a marvellous step for the Company and means we can enter the US and Chinese markets with confidence."

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The eyeTelehealth Platform fulfils a global need by providing a platform that allows minimally trained operators in Primary Healthcare settings such as Emergency Departments or a screening setting to capture critical data about a patient's eye and then via the eyeTelehealth solution transmit this data to a remote specialist for assessment.

The key products that form the eyeTelehealth Platform are:

eyeConnect- automated remote telehealth eye assessment system including: patient history, acuity test information, intra-ocular pressure assessment and high resolution photographs

eyePressure- disposable eye pressure assessment device, and

eyeTelecloud- HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud environment that allows authorised personnel to access, view and report on patient data from eyeConnect systems.

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