Ingeneus signs licensing agreement for low cost diabetic retinopathy system

Ingeneus is proud to announce it has signed a license agreement for its low cost diabetic retinopathy treatment technology with a major Indian ophthalmic company. This agreement allows the Indian company to manufacture and sell the product in a number of countries world wide, while providing Ingeneus with good return on its investment and the ability to pursue further licensing opportunities.

The need for the technology, developed in Australia by Ingeneus’ team of designers and engineers under one of the last awarded Commercial Ready Plus Grants, was identified by a team of medical experts within a major Indian hospital group.

The development of this system is a showcase for the multidisciplinary expertise offered by Ingeneus, from initial designs through rigorous testing to regulatory approval and production.

“This really highlights that Ingeneus is not only a service company, but can develop its own technology for international licensing and joint venture opportunities,” says CEO Richard Walmsley, “Building on this success we will continue to explore further licensing opportunities for this technology and other technology we are developing.  We look forward to our portfolio of in-house technology growing significantly in the near future.”