Ingeneus works with SMART Arm

Ingeneus CEO, Richard Walmsley is pleased to announce that Ingeneus is working with Smart Arm Pty Ltd on improvements to their device known as SMART Arm™.

The Sensory-Motor Active Rehabilitation Training (SMART) Arm is a portable, non-robotic technology that enables stroke survivors with upper limb weakness to drive their own rehabilitation. “We are delighted to be working with Smart Arm Pty Ltd on this device that provides assistance for stroke victims. The Ingeneus team has a great deal of experience in the development of medical devices and we look forward to assisting with the enhancement of certain features of SMART Arm,” Richard said.

“We will also assist with gaining regulatory approval through the TGA for the SMART Arm and will manufacture the device, on an ongoing basis, once it is approved.”

Dr Andrew Leech, Project Manager at SMART Arm Pty Ltd, said that SMART Arm is a multi-modal device developed by researchers from James Cook University and University of Queensland. The device enables those with severe arm paresis to employ strategies for rehabilitation. Both the design and application provide a mechanism by which those with little motor activity are able to undertake an intensive rehabilitation program.

“We felt that Ingeneus was well placed to undertake all of our requirements. They have the skills and experience to make the improvements required to enhance the SMART Arm, assist with gaining regulatory approval and manufacture the device. We look forward to working with them,” Andrew said.